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FarerFiji Vacation Villas

FarerFiji Vacation Villas is a premium hotel-serviced apartment and vacation villa management brand, dedicated to providing exquisite hotel-serviced apartments and luxurious vacation villa accommodations, creating a unique, lavish, and comfortable holiday experience for our customers.

Our vacation villas are situated in the enchanting tropical island destination of Fiji, boasting breathtaking natural beauty, pristine sandy beaches, and crystal-clear blue waters. Each villa is meticulously selected and designed, incorporating local Fijian culture and traditional elements while offering modern amenities and cozy living spaces to ensure our clients indulge in luxury and convenience during their stay.

Our Team

The founders Ling and Arthur have a professional background in tourism and hotel management, with years of extensive and professional experience in the tourism industry, and has cultivated a dedicated service team to provide personalized and professional services to clients. From thoughtful butler service, housekeeping service, arranging diverse local tours, offering private chefs, and assisting with flight bookings and airport transfers etc. We strive to meet our clients’ needs and ensure they enjoy the utmost comfort and satisfaction throughout their vacation.

Our Vacation Villas Services

FarerFiji Vacation Villas is a vacation villa management brand that offers a variety of collaboration methods to meet the diverse needs and preferences of property owners. We provide comprehensive services aimed at enhancing the value and appeal of the villas.

Our Villas

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Welcome proprietor to join FarerFiji Vacation Villas! If you have vacant luxurious vacation villas available, we offer professional hotel-serviced villa management services to maximize the value of your villa and achieve long-term growth and steady returns. We are dedicated to creating a unique holiday experience, allowing guests to indulge in luxury and comfort at your villa. Join us to achieve mutual success and make your villa investment even more successful and meaningful!

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