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We specialize in producing captivating commercial promotional videos and photos for hotels and tours

FarerFiji Studio

We specialize in producing captivating commercial promotional videos and photos for hotels and tours. Moreover, we create engaging travel videos and content for own travel channels, skillfully capturing the mesmerizing beauty of Fiji that showcases Fiji’s breathtaking natural landscapes and rich local culture, Immerse yourself in this authentic Fijian experience and embrace the true essence of Fijian way of life.

What we can do ?

Resort/Hotel Promotion

We capture your resort’s essence with stunning visuals, highlighting its beauty, luxury, and unique charm that elevates your brand and entices travelers to experience the indulgence and relaxation you offer.

Tours Promotion

We create compelling photos and videos, to promote your tours and excursions. Whether it’s adventure trips, cultural tours, or sightseeing experiences, we capture the essence of your offerings to entice travelers and boost bookings.

Event Shooting

Capture the essence of your special moments with our event shooting services. From weddings and corporate events to concerts and conferences, our experienced photographers and videographers ensure every significant moment is preserved beautifully.

Drone Photos

Our drone photography services offer a unique perspective. We use cutting-edge drone technology to capture stunning aerial photos that provide a bird’s-eye view of your property, event, or landscape. These captivating images are perfect for promotional materials and marketing campaigns.

Golf Tour Shooting

Showcase your golf course like never before with our golf tour shooting services. We capture the lush greens, challenging fairways, and scenic beauty of your golf course, creating promotional materials that attract golf enthusiasts and tournament organizers. Our visuals elevate the prestige of your golfing destination.

Culture Shooting

Immerse your audience in the rich cultural experiences you offer with our culture shooting services. We capture the traditions, customs, and vibrant moments of cultural events, festivals, and performances. Our photos and videos allow you to share the essence of your culture with the world.

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